Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Summer Study Abroad in Ireland & Scotland

New 3-week Summer Study Abroad (June 30-July 21): LGBT+ and Allies Equality in Ireland & Scotland

Cost of the program is $3,286.33 (with $1,00 MOVE Scholarship). The cost includes all hotels/B&Bs, breakfast everyday, 
dinner everyday (when students have the night off, lunch is provided), travel within Ireland and UK and entrance to all sites.

This summer, join us as we examine the quality of life for LGBT+ and all Irish and Scottish people in a new study abroad program. This Study Abroad experience is 3-week overseas journey throughout Ireland (Dublin and the Irish countryside) and Scotland (Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands). 

Although there has been significant progress for LGBT+ rights in the past few years around the globe, nowhere is this more evident than in Ireland and Scotland! 

In 2015, Ireland became the first nation in the world to legalize gay marriage by popular vote. In Scotland, equality has been all encompassing as LGBT+ people can marry, adopt, change their gender, serve in the military, and are protected through anti-discrimination policies in employment, hate speech, violence, and the ability to receive goods and services. Many of these rights and protection stem from the handwork and dedication of LGBT+ people as well as heterosexual allies who want a better future for their children. 

During our trip, we will meet advocates, group leaders, and college students along with visiting community groups to see how people are fighting for LGBT+ rights as well as the rights for all.

The program is led by Dr. Stewart Chang Alexander (College of Health and Human Sciences at Purdue University) and Kristofer Chang Alexander. Stewart is a Faculty Scholar and has a distinguished background in healthcare and is part of the Purdue’s Public Health Program. Kristofer is a graduate student in Apparel Design. The Study Abroad is 6-credit hours.

The class meets in Dublin on June 30 and returns July 21. The program is open to all students on both Purdue and IU campuses.

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