Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Professional & Technical Writing Minor

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates

ME 590 - Human Journey to Mars II

Paris Study Abroad Program

Paris Study Abroad Program - Summer (May 11-28) 2017

The program offers a unique opportunity to study the reach, regulations, use and implications of digital/Internet communication technologies across the Atlantic. We will meet and interact with media entrepreneurs and regulators, including members of the highest political bodies in France (Prime Minister’s Office, National Assembly, French FCC-equvalent). Based in Paris, we will visit major political and regulatory institutions, businesses, and media enterprises.

We will learn about the differences between the US and French business, cultural, and regulatory regimes and about the complexity of doing business and deploying global communication business and technologies in European Union, which is he US’s largest overseas market, greater and richer than China or India.

The program offers 3 credit hours which will be recorded as COM 251, Information, Communication, and Society which is part of the university core, satisfying the Information literacy requirement.

For details contact Professor Sorin Adam Matei, Brian Lamb School of Communication,

Monday, November 28, 2016

Speed-reading & Memorization

I'm teaching some speed-reading & memorization workshops for Purdue University students to help them read their textbooks more effectively.
I was wondering if you could pass this information along to members of your organization that might be interested.  
These workshops are free to all Purdue University students.
Register here: University
Because class space is limited, we are asking that students RSVP through the link above.
Can you share this info with members of your organization because I think they'll find the workshops very useful?
Thanks in advance! 
Paul Nowak
Program Director
Direct: 312-857-4747