Friday, September 9, 2016

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Engineering Design Competition Showcases
Innovative Student Projects
This competition gives university students the opportunity to conceptualize and design a project related to their discipline. In addition to receiving Capstone credit, students present their projects in front of industry representatives and the Department of Defense.
The competition gives university students the opportunity to work to solve a real-world problem affecting industries from oil and gas to aerospace, from naval to aviation. Opening registration for its second year, the competition and its judges will consider the research, design, and application as the teams  demonstrate prototypes to detect corrosion in hard-to-access areas.
Learn more about the challenge and the rules, or reach out for more information at
Why Compete?
·         Display professional skills to strengthen your portfolio and increase marketability in your future career
·         Gain practical experience by linking textbook theories to real-case scenarios
·         Lead in-class discussions based on examples from the competition
For questions or more information, contact Kim Ray at NACE International Headquarters. 
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