Monday, February 29, 2016

Tri-D Dynamics

Tri-D Dynamics, born out of research from NASA & UC San Diego, is a start up paving the way for ubiquitous space
We are 3D-printing lightweight and cost-effective rocket engines that will power the next generation of launch vehicles.
This is the New Space. Rockets are built by entrepreneurs, not bureaucracies. Engine technology has been stagnant for
60 years but now we are at the dawn of the next space age. We are challenging the status quo.
We are looking for entrepreneurial-minded engineers that want to design, analyze (FEA/CFD), and test revolutionary
3D printed rocket engines.
Change it with us and build the future at Tri-D Dynamics.
Learn More:
March 2nd at 6PM
Deepak Atyam & Alex Finch ||
M.S. AAE, Purdue '17
Co-Founders Tri-D Dynamics