Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Purdue School of Nursing is Expanding

Here are some exciting updates from the School of Nursing.  We are expanding our undergraduate program and will be doing this by not only increasing the number of high school beginners we admit each fall from 100 to 140 but also by admitting 30 CODO and/or transfer students into the freshman level each fall.  These are in addition to the 10 or so CODO/transfer students we have typically admitted in the past due to attrition from freshman to sophomore year.  We are also increasing the number of students we admit into the accelerated second degree program from 10 to 30 each fall.  So the old rumor that it is impossible to get into nursing no longer applies.  Please help us spread the word.

CODO applicants must still have at least a 3.0 overall GPA and have completed 6 credits of any BIOL and or CHM with lab to be considered for the 30 spots at the freshman level.  To be considered to fill one of the spots at the sophomore level due to attrition they must also have at least a 3.0 overall GPA and have completed BIOL 20300/20400, CHM 11100/11200 (or 11500/11600 or 12901), ENGL 10600 (or 10800 or HONR 19903), PSY 12000 and HDFS 21000. It would be helpful to them if they have also completed our freshman Guided SOC selective (SOC 22000, 31000 or 34000) and Guided STAT selective (STAT 11300, 30100 or PSY 20100) but these may be taken with the other sophomore nursing courses, it will just make for a 19 credit hour fall semester their sophomore year.  Attached is a really good sheet the Science advising office uses each year at STAR when they have freshmen express an interest in Nursing, it may be helpful to all advisors.  Prospective CODO students should go to for more information on our CODO process and to sign up for a CODO information meeting.

Students that are already in their junior year may want to consider the accelerated second degree program as there is no way to CODO into regular nursing and complete the courses in fewer than three years.  The accelerated program is designed for students that already have a BS or BA, completed 9 pre-requisite courses and return to school for a BSN.  The program begins in the fall semester, runs for four consecutive semesters (including summer) and therefore concludes at the end of the second fall semester (approximately 16 months.)  The pre-requisite courses are: BIOL 20300/20400, CHM 11100/11200, BIOL 22100, NUTR 30300, HDFS 21000, STAT 11300 or higher research statistics course, and any PSY or SOC course. More information about the accelerated second degree program can be found at  Prospective second degree students should feel free to call our office at 494-4042 to set up an appointment with a nursing advisor to go over their transcripts for pre-requisites, they do not need to sign up for a CODO meeting. 

Please feel free to email or call me at the number below if you have any questions.

Laura Curry
Academic Advisor
Purdue University School of Nursing
Johnson Hall of Nursing rm 109
502 N. University St.
West Lafayette IN 47907


Theatre Certificates for Spring 2017

As we approach student registration time, I want to remind you of the two Theatre Certificates available and the procedures for adding them to a student’s program.

They are the Certificate in Theatre Lighting (LA-CERT CTHL) and Certificate in Acting:  Communication Through Performance (LA-CERT CACP).  Neither of these Certificates is available to Theatre majors.

In all Colleges except Liberal Arts, students who want to pursue a Theatre Certificate will need to fill out a Dual Degree Form.  Students will also need to see either me (alphabet K-Z) or Mona Quinn (A-J).  If a student is already in Liberal Arts, our advisors will follow a different procedure.

Intro to XPS and CasaXPS Courses Available

Ford-GDIA Employment Opportunity

Our team here at Ford-GDIA is expanding and we would be recruiting for the following two positions: one internship and other is an entry-level Data Scientist/Analyst position.

·        24533BR  (Summer Intern)
·        25247BR (Entry level)

If you could please distribute these job postings in appropriate forums, it would be great. We are very much interested in hiring some fellow Boilermakers from ME department.

Our recruitment team would also be traveling in the first or second week of October to the West Lafayette campus. Once I get some clarity into these dates, I would let you know. During our visit to the campus, we would like to speak with students regarding these positions and some of the exciting stuffs we are doing at here in Ford - Global Data, Insight, and Analytics ( organization.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Amit Mohanty, Ph.D.,
Connectivity Analytics, Greenfield Court I
15403 Commerce Dr South,  Dearborn, MI 48120
Phone: 313-390-2022